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Dr. Wayne Jefferson is an Art, History of Art and Creative Education specialist with over 30 years of professional experience as both a teacher in schools and a lecturer at university. He has worked in every level of education. His doctorate is an Ed.D from Southampton University in which he examined the educational purpose of Art through the life and works of  G. F. Watts. Most recently he was Head of Art in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences at Kingston University before becoming a freelance specialist art education consultant. He offers a wide range of innovative art and education services for a variety of organisations including university and college courses, initial teacher training providers, CPD / Inset organizations and Access courses nationwide. These include:

  • History of Art lectures
  • Creative curriculum development sessions
  • Professional development inset
  • Practical art workshops for trainee teachers and SCITT students.

He provides Art and Art History theoretical and practical sessions and also lectures on educational research, research methods and the “Reflective Practitioner”. He is dedicated to promoting the teaching and understanding of the creative and visual arts as a stimulating, challenging and enjoyable part of life. He is one of the founders of the “Arts & Sparks” education programme that provides participatory workshops in Art and Drama.
Wayne believes that Art offers pedagogic processes that stimulate, motivate and challenge learners of all ages. They have a very positive impact on levels of achievement and provide a cross-curricular vehicle for teaching and learning. His broad knowledge of art enables him to have exceptionally clear communication with clients, thus ensuring that their needs are absolutely met.

As well as lecturing he continues to paint, draw and exhibit his work. To see some of his current artwork please view the gallery>



Programme of lectures and workshops available

Specialties include:

  • Cultural and Historical aspects of Art
  • Staff development workshops for educational and other settings
  • Linking the visual arts with the whole school curriculum
  • Learning and leisure activities using works of art
  • Educational outreach programmes
  • Research methods and practitioner research
Wayne Jefferson Art Lecturer

 Example sessions available include:

  1. Using History of Art as a stimulus for practical artwork
  2. Illustrated sessions on a particular focus artist / art movement
  3. Individual and group professional development through Art
  4. Art in the Classroom
  5. Drawing and Painting for KS1/2 and KS3
  6. 3-Dimensional Art for Primary Classrooms
  7. Printing for KS1 & KS2
  8. Masks – Cultural and Expressive roots
  9. Using the landscape for Art
  10. Visual Literacy in Education
  11. Promoting Creativity across the whole Curriculum
  12. Creativity in the Environment
  13. Creativity and Critical Thinking
  14. Cross-curricular Creative Teaching Practices
  15. Art as a way of delivering topic-based learning
  16. Design Technology in the Primary Classroom
  17. Practical Problem Solving with D&T
  18. Cardboard Engineering – Pop-up Cards
  19. Teacher as Researcher
  20. The Theory and Practice of Practitioner Research

Packages can also be tailor-made for your particular requirements, and elements from different sessions may be combined to suit your needs. If you are interested in any of these areas, please make contact using details from the contact link.

If you would like to find out more please contact me>